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Twilight Temple (Beginner) -

Twilight Temple is a very straight forward instance where you go through and kill a certain amount of monsters. You can view how many monsters you need to kill in your quest log under "Monster Kills" to see your progress and how many you need to kill to complete the instance. You can farm various materials here that beginners would need. Which include but is not limited to

Diamond of Tiger/Dragon
Lucky Coin
Token of Best Luck
Rank 9 (Third Cast) Weapon Molds
Ancient Emblems
Violet Sheets
War Avatar Chest: S

Lunar Glade (Beginner) -

Lunar Glade is another straight forward instance such as TT and offers pretty much the same materials as TT at either a reduced or increased rate (It depends on the item.) You can also Farm Rank 9 (Third Cast) Armor Molds here as well as Basic Badges.

Heavenfall Temple (Beginner/Intermediate) -

Heavenfall Temple is an Intermediate instance not because it is difficult but because some mechanics may be difficult for someone who is newer to the game. It is relatively easy once you watch a guide on its mechanics because there are buffs which you can buy from the instance that increase the stats of your character significantly. The material you receive is called "Eye of Time Coin" and once you exchange it for a certain material it is probably the fastest way to obtain that specific material for the time spent farming with the exception of Glyphs. Heavenfall Temple can be done as soon as your character is created if you understand the instances mechanics already and it is probably the best way a player can start off here in Dusk Perfect World since Eye of Time Coin is a valuable currency.

Hidden Dragons Den (Medium difficulty) -

Hidden Dragon Den or (HDD) is an instance where you can farm various materials used, and the instance awards Skyborn Runes which can be crafted at Crimson Office Yi. HDD can be done as soon as you create your character due to its ease and simplicity, although Skyscreamer has been buffed here to match the rewards.

Warsong City (Easy) -

Warsong City is the main source of all the materials needed for your Rank 9 (Third Cast) gears. You can farm the weapon molds easier from other sources and those other sources would be easier. However, Warsong City is the best source of everything else.

Flowsilver Palace (Easy/Intermediate) -

Flowsilver Palace is a group instance which you kill a various amount of bosses depending on the mode that is chosen (Decide or Judgement.) Judgement is the more difficult of the two with increased rewards. You can earn Glyphs, G17 Dull Materials, Starchart Materials & more. It is not meant as a primary source for any of these materials but is rewarding for the time spent nonetheless.

Nirvana Palace (Intermediate) -

Nirvana Palace is the simplest of instances which is just Bosses inside separate rooms that you need to kill. Each boss has varying mechanics but most can be ignored except for a few. It offers the following

Transmutation Materials
Diamond of Tiger/Dragon
Undercurrent Coins
Astrospira/Astrobana Pearls
Nebula Dust Orbs
War Avatar Chest: S

Gate of Delirium (Solo) / Secret Frostcover Grounds (Duo) (Intermediate) -

These instances allow you to farm R8RR materials to reroll random stats on those gears. R8RR is typically used as a Defensive set but there are exceptions where some might go the Offensive route for increased DPS or the character is an Archer (Archer's receive channeling on their R8RR gear.) You can teleport through the Illusion Stone to Quicksand Maze for easy access to the forges or at west archasour.

Icebound Underworld (IBU/999) (Intermediate) -

Icebound Underworld is a group instance where you have 999 seconds to kill 20 bosses consecutively. The main materials from IBU/999 are Neuma Portal cards, Dragon of Tiger/Dragon, Base Helmets, Nebula Dust Orbs (with astral energy), and Ancient Emblems.

Valley of Disaster (Solo) / Mountain of Purgatory (Duo) (Hard) -

These instances allow you to farm G17 Dull materials which can then be transmuted at (523, 657) in West Archosaur. The Dull materials transmute into Dragonbreath Crystals which is the resource used to Forge and Recraft G17 Weapons.

Uncharted Paradise (Hard & End-Game preferred) -

Uncharted Paradise is the primary source of Dragonbreath Crystals and is a group instance that requires a full party or 10 players to complete. End gamed characters are preferred to make the runs & "Nuking" the bosses as smooth as possible but an exceptional squad can get away with some characters in the squad being weaker.

Infernal Abyss (Hard / End Game) -

Infernal Abyss is the one of the source of Glyphs. The instance is very difficult and calls for 4 nearly End-Gamed characters due to the strength of the monsters/bosses as well as their mechanics which are similar to JFSP in their nature (but some mechanics are custom.) It includes a daily quest to give 1k Ringstar Crystals which are used for G17 robes, and possibly to give Faction Contribution and Points. It also includes a weekly quest to give 2.5k Ringstar Crystals.

Dawnlight Halls (Very hard / End Game) -

Dawnlight Halls is the primary source of Glyphs. The instance is very difficult and calls for 6+ nearly End-Gamed characters due to the strength of the monsters/bosses as well as their mechanics). Only Fireforged Changeling and Natya Veda drops, but they consistently drop lv7-9 glyphs and G17 material packs to obtain weapons.


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